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At Alpha aquarium, the catalyst for our growth has always been water in its live form. We create aqua furniture and aquarium that thrive and flourish over time.

We include elements such as statues, fountains, underwater lighting, and edging details in our samples of the aquarium, aqua furniture landscapes!!. These not only add visual interest but also integrates the tropical fish tank with the natural tank and environment.

Our team works with the impetus to create and design aqua furniture, water tanks and waterscapes that grow, nurture and nourish the environment we live in. We take pride in creating water feature designs that appear to have always existed in their surrounding landscape.

We can make everything

We, at The Alpha Aquarium, bring along an in-depth experience of designing, installing, operating and maintaining Freshwater, Marine furniture and aquarium tanks!!

With our 2 decades of experience in aquaculture technology like Bio Filtration and RAS that is Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, we have since last 14 years diversified into Freshwater, Marine fish furniture and fish tanks!!


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